Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures

Creating a flyer/leaflet/brochure 

Flyers or leaflets are handed out in streets or sent to people's homes. They can be printed in colour or black and white. The main aim of a flyer or leaflet is to catch the attention of prospective customers, otherwise they will end up in the waste paper basket immediately.  This is why the layout is so important. The language must be kept short and simple, but at the same time the text must give the most important information about the product, service or event, which is promoted on the leaflet. People must be able to easily understand and remember the information you are trying to give them on your flyer or leaflet. Don't forget to give them a reason to act (e. g. join an event or buy a product) after having read the information.

Brochures contain more information than flyers or leaflets, they consist of several pages. Brochures are handed out or sent to people in order to inform them about products or services, but in contrast to flyers or leaflets, prospective customers are meant to keep them for future reference. This is why they are printed on high quality paper. The language used in brochures is also short and simple, but the text is supported by pictures and illustrations. Before you write a brochure, be sure who your target group is, this will define the language that you use and the information that you give in your brochure. Be aware that the first thing people see is the front cover. Therefore it is especially important to think about the design of the cover and the main message you want to get across.

No matter which means of advertising you have decided to create - flyers, leaflets or brochures - make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes!!!!!

Complete the information about flyers, leaflets and brochures with the words given below. There are three extra words you will not need.

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